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This section provides all the documents and publications on my website, such as articles and howtos.


I regularly write in the socialist monthly paper Vorwarts (Onward) and in resist! (ISR). The ISR-paper was formerly known as ostwind (East Wind). Most of the articles are in German. I'll try to translate them as soon as possible - but if you'd like to do this job for me you're welcome... :)

Vorwarts back-cover, issue 102:
On the 'Civil Service'
[text version|online version]

Vorwarts back-cover, issue 107:
On fascism and the far right
[text version|online version]

Vorwarts back-cover, issue 109:
On the FPO and the government
[text version|online version]

Vorwarts back-cover, issue 110:
Rage against the FPO
[text version|online version]

Vorwarts theory, issue 116:
Why ISR was launched
[text version|online version]

ostwind, issue 6:
Information on the World Economic Forum
[text version|online version]


This section is empty yet. Here I want to put text's of flyers and maybe pic's of them.


I often participate on international youth meetings and such. Besides, I'd like to show you fotos and reports of the different anti-capitalist manifestations I've been to. Stay tuned ...

FRANCE 1: Invitation to a youth meeting in Paris
FRANCE 2: A few additions to the above invitation


Can we achieve a socialist society through the 'new' working organization of the free software movement? Of course, you will not only find such 'obviously political' stuff here but also tipps, tricks and the like.

Unofficial Debian Mini-HowTo:
Instructions on installing Debian GNU/Linux

Linux from scratch:
The Red Penguins project and how to contribute


How many hours have you spent looking for an adequate script? Personally, I often need help for several problems. Therefore, I want to collect posix-compliant scripts (bourne-shell) that can be used and improved. View it, edit and try yourself! (As always, I'm happy about feed-back ...)

A sample script to add a new user
[text version]

A sample script to add a new user's mail-box
[text version]


ABOUT: Some hints on this site
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WARNING: Nazis, keep out!

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