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Ressources (in alphabetical order)

As we have no sponsors, we unfortunately cannot offer you any spam or funny popups. :-)
If you are bored and just want to surf around a bit, we would recomend the following ressources.

ATTAC Austria:

[ATTAC Austria]

ATTAC France:

[ATTAC France]

ATTAC Germany:

[ATTAC Germany]

ATTAC International:

[ATTAC International]

BSD Unix:

[BSD Unix]

Beastie - The BSD Daemon:

[Chuck - The BSD Daemon]



Free Software Foundation:

[Free Software Foundation]

GNU's Not Unix:

[GNU's Not Unix]

Google-Search Linux:

[Google-Search Linux]

Independent Media Center:

[Independent Media Center]

Le Monde diplomatique:

[Le Monde diplomatique]

Leon Trotsky Wrightings:

[Leon Trotsky Wrightings]

Linus Torvalds:

[Linus Torvalds]

Linux Kernel:

[Linux Kernel]

[Marxists Internet Archive]

Richard Stallmann:

[Richard Stallmann]

Socialist Party:

[Socialist Party]

Socialist Party Information Network:

[Socialist Party Information Network]

Socialism Today magazine:

[Socialism Today magazine]

Software in the Public Interest:

[Software in the Public Interest]

Tux - The Linux Mascott:

[Tux - The Linux Mascott]

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